Standard Equipment:

200, 300, 400, 600 litre tank made of LLD-PE polyethylene with liquid level indicator

Tolveri PU-2/120 pump – powerful, durable 

Gran 3 Distributor – durable, easy-care

Clean water tank with tap (for hand washing)

Single 0.3 spray nozzle

Frame and boom are hot-dip galvanised for mechanical durability and corrosion resistance

Chemical dilution tank in the filling sieve

Anti-foaming hydraulic mixer 

Set of filter wrenche


Optional Equipment:

Duro 3 Distributor
Fermo 3 Distributor with pressure compensation function –
Constant pressure regardless of number of nozzle sections in operation
Tolveri PU 3/140 pump for 12 m boom
Hydraulic boom stabilization for 12 m
Control Panel 1 (ON/OFF)
Control Panel 2 (ON/OFF, pressure adjustment+/-)
Control Panel 5 (ON/OFF, pressure adjustment+/-), control over three sections
Triple rotary heads and special sprayers
Articulated Telescopic Roller
Linear filters
Tank filling system
System for liquid suction to the tank
Working lighting
Route lights