Standard Equipment:

800, 1000 or 1200 litre tank made of LLD-PE polyethylene with liquid level indicator 

Tolveri PU-3/140 pump

Distributor Duro 3 (12m) or Duro 5(14m ≤)

Clean water tank with tap (for hand washing)

Tank for water for washing the system

Single 0,3 spray nozzle 

The frame and the boom are hot-dip galvanised to achieve mechanical durability and corrosion resistance

Gravitational boom stabilization

Chemical dilution tank in the filling sieve

Platform with stairs for easy access to the main tank inlet

Linear filters

Hydrant connection for tank filling

2 x Anti-foaming hydraulic mixer

Set of filter wrenches


Optional Equipment:

Distributor Fermo 3 (12m) or Fermo 5 (14m ≤) with pressure compensation
Control Panel 1 (ON/OFF)
Control Panel 2 (ON/OFF, pressure adjustment+/-)
Control Panel 5 (ON/OFF, pressure adjustment +/-, control over three sections of the field boom)
Control Panel 7 (ON/OFF, pressure adjustment +/-, control over five sections of the field boom)
Computer Alfa 100
Side/additional dilution tank with bottle flushing option
Triple rotary heads and special sprayers
Hydraulic boom stabilization
Hydraulic boom height adjustment
Articulated Telescopic Roller
System for liquid suction to the tank
Working lighting
Route lights
Foam marker