We have the resources and expertise to build machines to customer's requirements...

Recent projects include:

  • Demount sprayer for golf course utility vehicle

  • Runway de-icer

  • Truck mounted sprayer for motorway weed control

  • ATV mounted sprayer

  • Christmas Tree Sprayer

  • Fertiliser application system

  • Specialist Tunnel Sprayer

We also adapt and build specialist machines for vegetable, plant and fruit growers for use in greenhouses, inter row and under trees.

Liquid Fertilizer Placement Systems for Oil Seed Rape

We are able to supply equipment or build systems to apply a precise band of liquid fertilizer during oil seed rape drilling. This may be the key to successful establishment. We have designed and fitted systems to a variety of subsoilers using both new and secondhand parts.

Sprayer Support Unit

We have recently built various sprayer support units to our customer’s specification. These normally comprise of a large clean water tank linked to a smaller mixing unit. Additional features include work stations, pesticide storage lockers, PPE cabinets, empty container drainage facilities, pressure washers etc. We can utilise an existing sprayer chassis or build from scratch. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

We also supply:

  • ATV sprayers
  • Spot sprayers
  • ATV trailed and tractor mounted weedwipers
  • Slug Pelleters