About NSTS

UK regulation requires that all pesticide application equipment in use is tested. The Sustainable Use Directive (SUD) sets minimum standards for the safe use of professional plant protection products (pesticides). A well maintained and regularly tested machine helps to ensure pesticide operations are safe for the operator and environment, ensuring efficient and accurate on target application. These measures are legal requirements. Farm assurance schemes require annual testing.  

Our dedicated NSTS tester will ring you every year around the anniversary of your machines test due date to arrange a new NSTS for the year.

Amenity machines (golf courses etc) do not necessarily require annual tests - we will always ring annually as many amenity organisations continue to have an annual NSTS for the sake of good practice.  It is the responsibility of the machine owner to identify their own NSTS testing frequency policy.

Sprayer Testing

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Pelleter Testing

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Granular Testing

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