AR Pump Diaphragm Blueflex

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HDPS and DESMOPAN diaphragms are old news and old technology. That is why AR developed the Blueflex diaphragm for AR pumps:

Exact same dimensions as the black HDPS and clear DESMOPAN versions, just better quality!

Replaces AR550086 diaphragms

  • AR70
  • AR115
  • AR120
  • AR135
  • AR140
  • AR145
  • AR160
  • AR185
  • AR215
  • AR250
  • AR280
  • AR320
  • AR370
  • AR500
  • AR560
  • AR903
  • AR1053
  • AR1203
  • AR1604
  • AR BHS90
  • AR BHS105
  • AR BHS120

Blueflex diaphragms can be fitted in older diaphragms pumps and replace the HDPS versions. Harder wearing and longer life.

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