Berthoud Raptor Dark

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The "high performance" advantage for your farm

The Berthoud RAPTOR DARK is the premium version of the popular RAPTOR self-propelled sprayer. It boasts all of the awesome advantages of the standard Raptor model (tank capacity going up to 5200 litres, booms available up to 44 m, authorised speed limit of 40 km/h, etc.) but also includes the stunning DARK style as a standard feature.

The Advantages:

  • DUALMATIC : designed for a simple and rapid use with its 2 handles controlling all the machine’s 17 functions. A motorised version of DUALELEC is available as an option, so that all the functions can be activated from the control station and the cab
  • Mixing hopper : ergonomics combined with power. With a capacity of 25 L, it is fitted with an offset handle for opening an additional valve for rinsing the hopper
  • Digital NIVELEC gauge for optimising accuracy - NIVOMATIV gauge available as an option: the solution for preventing overflows (programmable filling volume with automatic stop or audible alarm)

Additional Features:

Apart from its Style, the DARK equipment maximises your comfort when working : - A sprayer at your fingertips thanks to the fully motorised DUALELEC, - An optimum spray quality thanks to continuous circulation combined with non-drip pneumatics, - Exterior washing enables the sprayer to be cleaned in the field after every application. It includes Smart & Go Premium and an extended warranty.


Capacity 3,200 – 4,200 – 5,200ltr
Transmission BOSCH REXROTH hydrostatic
Chassis 3 to 4 pneumatic suspension (depending on model)
Speed 40 km/h
Booms available – AXIALE: 24 – 33 m with AXIALE suspension
– AXIALE: 36 – 33 m with pendular-axial suspension
– EKTAR B2: 36, 38, 40 or 42 m with pendular-axial suspension
– EKTAR B3: 36, 38, 39, 40, 42 or 44 m with pendular-axial suspension
Type of pump OMEGA centrifugal twin turbine 550 l/min
Regulations – DPAE EC Tronic regulation system as standard
– VT TRONIC and IsoTronic as an option
Gauges – NIVELEC gauge as standard
– NIVOMATIC gauge as an option with audible alarm and automatic fill stop
– DUALELEC 5 option
Variable hydraulic track – Available optionally, you have variable track set from 1.80 to 3.05mtr (depending on versions). This considerably reduces the   impact on crops. 
Hydraulic ground clearance – Available optionally on the 4200 l version – offering a working range from 1.25 - 1.80mtr

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