Berthoud Sprinter

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The Sprinter is a true Berthoud reference with all the assests that have made the range a success: tried and tested 100% Berthoud equipment such as the GAMA pump, the DP Tronic regulation system and a simplicity of operation thanks to the Berlogic control panel.  Its small size, light weight and compactness mean that it requires only low traction power.

If you need a compact and light-weight machine, the 'Sprinter' from Berthoud sprayers is for you. It's ideal for mixed livestock and cereal farmers. The 'Sprinter' has all the hallmarks of what makes BERTHOUD great. It references all the assets that have made the Berthoud range a success. It's tried and tested 100% Berthoud equipment such as the reliable GAMA pump and the DP TRONIC regulation system. The simplicity of the operation is thanks to the BERLOGIC onboard control panel. Its small in size, and the light weight compactness of it all means that it requires only low traction power.

The Advantages:

  • A light-weight chassis designed using high-strength steel for a long operating life

  • Compactness above all : 3.75 m wheelbase allowing for sharp turns when being trailed

  • High-density polyethylene main tank with a capacity of 2,500 litres and an additional 5%

  • The tank has a diamond-shaped base to limit residues.

  • Sump with intake by lateral pipe for easy draining of the main tank

  • 260 litre rinse tank



Capacity 2,500 L
Chassis non-suspended
Booms available – ALSR 15 to 18 m– ALS: 18, 20, 21 or 24 m
Pump type GAMA 3-piston 130 L/min or 160 L/min or BP piston diaphragm pump 235 L/min as an option
Regulation  DPM or DP Tronic/EC Tronic (DPAE)
Gauges Direct read exterior gauge or optional Nivelec tape gauge
Additional Information Adjustable rudder and tow bar tracker available as an option to limit the impact on your crops

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