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The future of crop care

The all-new HARDI AEON CENTURAline is a high-tech sprayer guided by the principles of lean farming – to do more with less. We have used the latest technology and the newest automation solutions to allow farmers to improve productivity while reducing waste. The AEON CENTURAline sets a new benchmark for increasing food production in the face of growing environmental and climatic concerns.

Our starting point is always the farmer. The AEON CENTURAline is designed with user-friendliness and safety in mind. It is built to last, but without compromising on design. It is a dazzling machine with a sleek and dynamic outline that conceals a newly developed chassis and a unique tank design for maximum stability.

DELTA FORCE – A big boom for big jobs

Flexibility, productivity and performance
The DELTA FORCE is HARDI’s newest family of conventional booms. It is a functional boom designed with future farming requirements in mind

Wide in field – compact on the road
The DELTA FORCE is a large boom of 24 to 39 m with a unique three-dimensional design and features meant for perfect boom control at high speed. HARDI’s boom-folding system allows the operator to spray at different widths – with or without folding the last section. Despite its width, the DELTA FORCE is compact in transport and storage. It folds into an elegant 2.55 m.

TWIN FORCE – A boom for ultimate capacity

Save time, money and environmental impact
The TWIN FORCE boom employs the world’s best system for spray control. Using an adjustable curtain of air to entrain and direct the spray, TWIN FORCE can reduce drift by an astounding 80%. The result is close to no loss of plant protection products or contamination of adjacent areas.

Air-assisted spraying also guarantees better spray penetration and coverage than conventional applications. All this translates into real savings for the farmer of at least 50% on water usage and up to 30% on plant protection products.

TWIN FORCE gets the job done faster. Efficient drift control means more spraying days – up from 31 to 76 days in one study – as well as higher application speeds and fewer filling stops. The result is higher sprayer productivity. In fact, TWIN FORCE will increase your spray capacity by up to 100%.



Booms DELTA FORCE 24-39 m TWIN FORCE 24-30 m
 Tank, nominal volume 4200 / 5200 l 4200 / 5200 l
Pump type - l/min 464-280 / 464H-334 464-280 / 464H-334
Rinsetank (l) 560 560
Clean water tank (l) 40 40
Height (m) 3.7 3.7
Total length (m) 8.35 8.35
Length draw to axle (m) 5.5 5.5
Track width (m) 1.70 - 2.30 1.70 - 2.30
Transport width (m) 2.55 3
Ground clearance axle (m) 0.78 0.76
Turning radius at 200 cm track width (m) 6.3 6.3
Working height (m) 0.43 - 2.73 0.43 - 2.73
Total weight empty (kg) 6100 6400
Total weight full (kg) 11860 12160
Drawbar load empty (kg) 980 1000
Drawbar load full (kg) 2950 3000
ComfortTrack wheel steering Standard Standard
Hydraulic axle suspension Standard Standard
Drawbar leaf-spring suspension Standard Standard

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