Machinery Guide GPS Guidance 7″ Screen

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GPS guidance system with GNSS receiver providing +/- 15cm accuracy for guidance work.

What is in the kit:

  • 7″ tablet screen with high quality screen (can be used an android tablet for web browsing too)
  • window suction mount tablet holder

This is a great entry level GPS guidance screen for your tractor, quad bike or buggy.  Providing easy straight line or curved guidance for your farm!  Everything is set up ready to go.  Just tell it your machine width and off you go!

Reliable, stable and accurate!

You can save your fields which will appear on Google Maps for record keeping

The MachineryGuide guidance is an innovative and easy-to-use solution for all farms. The application can be run on an Android device, therefore there is no need for a guidance specific device. The application, in order to reach high precision accuracy, is able to connect to an outer GPS, GNSS or RTK receiver, moreover with the connection of the BSC section control unit, automatic sprayer guidance is made possible as well.,With the use of the application, substantial savings can be made during the agriculture works. Furthermore, it makes keeping track of finished work easier, faster and more precise.

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