Solano BS

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ECO tractor-mounted sprayers are designed to be hitched to the rear three-point linking system of the tractor and to be run by PTO shaft. They are available from 600L to 1.500L, and can be mounted with several models of UDOR low pressure pumps.

Their manual pressure regulator is accessible from the driving sit (in option: electrical manifolds, spraying computers). Main tank features two built-in, independent auxiliar tanks (hand-washing, circuit-rinsing). They are mounted with a hydraulic stirring device to obtain and keep a good homgeneity of the mixture. Eventually, Solano Horizonte can propose you a large range of OPTIONS.

They can be mounted with ECO hydraulic booms (12 or 14 m, galvanized) or BS hydraulic booms (12, 14, 15 or 16 m).


    Frame in structural steel and cold folded sheet metal.

    Polyester coat painting qualicoat.

    Tank in polyethylene.

    Hand-washing tank + circuit washing tank.

    Controls accessible from driving position (according to regulations)

    Filter on pressure regulator.

    Hydraulic agitation.

    Filter in tank opening.

    Foldable step.

    Booms with independent right and left holding/unfolding.

    1 pTO Shaft.

    1 self-loading pipe.

    Boom with simple nozzles.

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