Syngenta XC Turf Nozzles 025, 04, 08 ( Pack )

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XC: 025
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Syngenta Turf XC Nozzles suitable for application of herbicides and fertilisers using a knapsack or boom mounted and produce significantly more droplets per ml of spray liquid in comparison to other AI or low-drift nozzles tested which ensures greater coverage of the target leaf.

The size of the nozzle orifice primarily dictates the spray water volume, within the restrictions of the sprayer speed and the operating pressure. In addition, when operating with larger 08 sized nozzles designed for wetting agents, liquid fertilisers and soil treatment fungicides, the angled spray pattern can achieve better penetration of the dense turf sward, to reach the target soil surface more effectively. The outputs are regulated, with an 04 nozzle giving twice the output of an 02 at any given speed and pressure, whilst an 08 will give twice the output of an 04, etc.

This is for a pack of 13 ( see other listing for single nozzles )


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